Our achievements - Research & Development in agriculture

Support and scientific R&D supervision for agricultural companies - greenhouse production:

  • Objective: Implementation of eco-responsible practices without prejudice to production (qualitative and quantitative). Development and control of alternative crop management aimed at reducing the duration of non-productive periods.
  • Means: International network of contacts in research institutions and companies at the forefront of greenhouse production technologies.

R&D scientific support and supervision for agricultural companies – dairy cattle production:

  • Objective: optimization of production not necessarily aiming to produce more but to produce "better", i.e. with more fertile, healthier herds and with a longer dairy career, at a lower cost.
  • Means: permanent research of innovative or unconventional options easily applicable in the context of commercial production. Prioritization of quick-impact work streams (a few weeks to a few months).
  • Application: diagnosis of the company and identification / prioritization of problems by analysis of zootechnical data over the last two to three years of production (primary and secondary performance). Training of the agricultural entrepreneur in the principles of experimental scientific work (experimental protocol, experimental device). In close collaboration with him, establishment and monitoring of experimental work.
  • Compilation of data. Statistical analysis of data and interpretation of results (scientific rigor of work equivalent to that of a research center).
  • Projection of the results on a commercial production scale and cost/benefit analysis demonstrating the economic interest of applying the approach tested at the experimental level on a commercial scale.
  • Ways of working: environmental parameters, food parameters, breeding management, replacement animals. Prioritization of work on the dry period of dairy cattle (drying off and preparation for calving).
  • Results obtained: improvement of primary performance (milk, fat, protein), secondary performance (fertility, health), reduction in the occurrence of peripartum and postpartum pathologies, extension of the dairy career, cost/benefit analysis.

For most of the experimental work carried out by producers under the scientific supervision of INNOVAGRO consultants, they claim the refundable tax credit for Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) from Revenue Canada. INNOVAGRO consultants supports the preparation of the elements of this claim:

  • Drafting of the presentation report of the Experimental Development projects according to the directives of the SR&ED program of Revenue Canada.
  • Summary of costs related to Experimental Development projects (with estimated amount of refundable tax credit for SR&ED).
  • Preparation of T661 part 2 forms for each of the Experimental Development projects carried out.

INNOVAGRO consultants is at your disposal to study with you the best experimental approach to test with your herd. INNOVAGRO consultants cannot present here all the subjects of the experimental work carried out for reasons of confidentiality.