Our achievements - Medicinal and recreational cannabis
  • 2022-2023 : Agronomic support to the production team for the start-up of cannabis production in a closed environment under microlicense. For CannaBorea (QC).

  • 2022-2023 : Preparation and follow-up of several requests for modification of the environmental authorization / MELCC as part of the optimization of cannabis production processes and the mitigation of environmental impacts. For Greentone Enterprises (QC).

  • 2019 : For CannaBorea. Analysis with the MELCC of a micro-licensed project in Saint-Prime to determine whether or not it is subject to an environmental authorization request.

  • 2018-2019 : For Flora-Agritech Enterprises. Preparation and follow-up of the request for a certificate of authorization from the MELCC for an intensive commercial greenhouse complex for medicinal cannabis (2.5 ha – phase 1) in Bécancour. Preparation of technical memos and plans concerning the construction area, buildings, production management, extraction and packaging of oils, management of lost fertigation water and unrecovered green waste, etc. Preparation of technical memos and plans concerning the construction zone of phases 2 to 4 for an application for authorization to work in wetlands. Work in close collaboration with the project promoters, the MSH Group, the engineering firm responsible for the project, Dutch (greenhouses and networks) and Canadian (oil extraction and packaging) suppliers and subcontractors.