Heating network, St-Félicien

Description du projet de réseau de chaleur

The site is located in an agricultural and industrial zone and is owned by the City of Saint-Félicien. The site borders Highway 169 and offers excellent visibility. It is located 1.5 kilometers from downtown. It has an advantageous flat topography. The site is free of contaminated soils and does not contain any wetlands as interpreted by the Ministère de l'Environnement et de la Lutte contre les Changements Climatiques.

The planned water system is an extension of the municipal system. The site will be served by a 150 millimetre diameter CPV pipe at 80 psi.

In recent years, the City of Saint-Félicien has upgraded its aerated lagoon wastewater treatment plant. The treatment plant is capable of collecting and treating the additional wastewater flow generated by the Agro-Thermal Park's client companies.

The access infrastructures to the Agrothermal Park will consist of two undivided lanes (2 X 3.5 m) with unpaved shoulders allowing the circulation of large trucks for deliveries and shipments.

The agrothermal park is already equipped with a process water distribution network (quality surface water but not treated) for the greenhouse complexes. The capacity of this 250 mm diameter gravity network is 4,000 m³/day at 85 PSI. The raw water is at a very advantageous rate.

From the existing network on Hamel Boulevard, a natural gas network will be built under the access road to the agrothermal park. This will provide the greenhouse complexes with the cheapest conventional heating (for backup and emergency heating).

The City of Saint-Félicien's electrical distribution network will be used to supply the agrothermal park. In the event that the electricity needs exceed the capacity of the current network, the construction of an electrical substation remains an option on the 161 KV medium voltage network that runs at the eastern end of the site.

Highway 169 (bypass) runs along the north side of the site. It offers excellent visibility on the site and provides direct access to the regional and provincial road network.

The greenhouse complexes are supplied with alternative thermal energy in the form of hot water at 40°c from the WSAC of the cogeneration plant. This LV thermal energy at an extremely advantageous rate will cover a significant part of the heating needs of the greenhouse complexes (reduction of natural gas consumption). The projected flow of the LV hot water network is 3800 GUSPM.

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Client: Ville de St-Félicien
Location: Saint-Félicien, Qc