Our achievements - Fisheries and aquaculture
  • 2021 : Technical and economic feasibility study of a start-up and pre-fattening unit in a greenhouse with heating and closed circuit for the production of rainbow trout, brook trout and koi carp. For Pisciculture Caron (QC).
  • 2018 : Market study of stocking brook trout in Quebec and business plan for a stocking fish farming project with a capacity of 50 tons / year in Saguenay.
  • 2013: UPA DI (Union of Agricultural Producers – International Development – Canada) Technical pre-feasibility study for the recovery of thermal waste from the autonomous diesel power plant in Dédougou (Burkina Faso) for the purposes of drying fish, meat, fruit and vegetables and semi-industrial activities as part of a climate resilience (CIDA). Evaluation of the wood energy equivalent in terms of avoided deforestation.
  • 2009 : INNOVAGRO consultants EPAD Mali Creation of Innovagro consultants EPAD (Experts Fisheries & Aquaculture Development) in Mopti, Mali. Company run by Mr. Moussa Kanta, fisheries & aquaculture technician. Residential technical assistance for small-scale fishing and rural aquaculture development projects in the Niger Delta area and southern Mali.
  • 2008: PCDA Agricultural Competitiveness and Diversification Program – Mopti Branch / Mali (World Bank financing): Technical and economic reference in the context of the promotion and development of commercial family fish farming (tilapia and catfish with fish food manufactured locally) in the form of VSEs (Very Small Enterprises) in the central zone of the delta of the Niger. Evaluation of institutional and private technical support and proposal of suitable training programs. Audit of micro-projects already underway. Proposal for a tilapia – catfish farming project to a cooperative of rice producers (Mopti). Preliminary assessment of the technical feasibility of the biological treatment of effluents from the Sévaré slaughterhouse and their recovery by a tilapia-catfish fish farming unit. For the International Agricultural Alliance (Canada). In parallel (personal work), preliminary assessment of the technical feasibility of recovering thermal discharges from the autonomous thermal power plant in Mopti for drying local food products (fish, meat, fruit and vegetables). Evaluation of the wood energy equivalent in terms of avoided deforestation.
  • 2008: Bilingual training in aquaculture for the Overseas Countries and Territories Association (OCTA) (European Union funding): Group of 25 producers and representatives of institutions from OCTA member countries and territories with the aim of boosting this sector and proposing technically and economically realistic alternatives to the depletion of fish stocks. Organization of field visits to Newfoundland (salmon farming, shellfish farming). For the Cowi Consortium (Europe).
  • 2007: Fisheries products value chain / Burkina Faso (Millenium Challenge Corporation funding): technical, economic and social audit of hydro-agricultural projects submitted to MCC by the Burkinabe government for financial support (regions: Sourou and Comoe) – landing, processing and marketing (post-harvest) component. Diagnostic assessment of the value chain for fishery products in the Sourou Valley and in the Banfora region. Identification of the main constraints. Characterization of needs in terms of infrastructure and equipment, in terms of supervision and technical training (landing, processing of fishery products, fresh and processed marketing). Evaluation of the biological and socio-economic impacts of the development of the road network and the electricity network on the exploitation of the halieutic resource (fish stocks, fishermen, processors, fishmongers). Proposal of mitigation measures, including gender & development aspects. For Roche Consulting Group (Canada).
  • 2004-2007: Rio Tinto / QMM mining project in Fort Dauphin / Madagascar (Rio Tinto and World Bank funding): Diagnostic report of the mitigation measures set out and applied by QMM concerning the coastal lagoon system and the lagoon fishing communities. Residential technical assistance for the monitoring and evaluation of lagoon fisheries. In situ assessment of the socio-economic impacts of the deep-water ore port project on a community of artisanal fishermen at sea and proposals for mitigation measures (technical, social and economic). For Aquaculture Service Conseil ASC (Canada).
  • 2001-2002: Study of the Fisheries and Aquaculture sub-sector in Chad (financement Banque Africaine de Développement) : Bilans diagnostics et schémas directeurs «Ressources halieutiques et exploitation» et «Transformation, stockage et commercialisation des produits de la pêche». Études de faisabilité des projets prioritaires. Étude d’impact environnemental et social des projets prioritaires et mesures de mitigation. Pour CIMA International (Canada)