The Greenhouse Motel

Description of the project

There will always be a place for "small" local producers, but if Quebec wants to increase its food autonomy, it was necessary to imagine new business models that allow "small" producers to access modern and economically viable means of production despite their limited individual financial size. To this end, INNOVAGRO consultants developed the concept of the greenhouse motel. This concept is a greenhouse complex of approximately 12,000 m² (1.2 hectares) divided into 11 production modules of 1,000 m² each (plus 1,000 m² of technical premises). Each module is intended to be rented to small-scale greenhouse producers already operating in the area as well as to entrepreneurs wishing to set up a greenhouse business. This concept allows producers renting a module of the greenhouse motel to pool their input purchases, to pool their labor and to pool their marketing. This approach allows each occupying producer to achieve economies of scale that they would be unable to achieve individually. It would also allow the group of producers occupying the Greenhouse Motel to reach a certain critical mass of products to be marketed that would motivate the large grocery store chains of the territory to buy "local and regional". Finally, this concept gives producers access to technically up-to-date infrastructures and equipment allowing them to produce year-round with competitive economic parameters and to benefit from the highest selling prices in the winter period. This concept has been welcomed by the MAPAQ, which has set up a subsidy program for the purchase of production equipment for a renting producer.


Client: MRC de la Vallée de l’Or et CDE Senneterre, Ville de Dolbeau-Mistassini, CLD Domaine du Roy.

Location: Québec